Get Summer Ready with Car A/C Repair

Don’t get roasted this summer, take care of your vehicle’s A/C!

Air conditioning is a year-round concern, but most vehicle owners are more aware of their A/C in the summer. This is because your A/C has the dual function of cooling you and your passengers and helping your engine stay cool. In the summer, this extra work can often lead to issues and repairs. Have a look at the most common signs of A/C failure and come into Sherman’s Auto Repair in Tucker, Georgia, when your vehicle can’t beat the heat!

Reduced Cooling Power: The most obvious sign of A/C failure is when you notice your air isn’t getting as cool as it used to. This could be the result of multiple issues. If your coolant is low, it could be less effective in cooling the air before circulating into the cabin. If your engine is overheating, the A/C will divert more cool air to prevent damage so that you will feel less air pressure in the cabin.

Smells: Because your A/C also reduces the humidity in your vehicle, it also is more likely to build up moisture. If this happens, there may be mildew that can accumulate in your A/C, and this will cause a musty smell. This is more common in older vehicles, but have them checked out if you notice any new smells.

Leaks: Your A/C depends on its coolant to reduce the heat in your system. If the coolant is low due to a leak, you might notice it accumulating under your vehicle if it is parked. Your technician can check your coolant level and go over your system to look for any leaks.

Noises: Whenever your vehicle develops a new noise, you’ll want to figure out where it’s coming from to make sure it’s not something that could cause more damage. In your A/C system, obstructions like leaves or other debris could cause unusual noises in the system. A worn bearing or a failed compressor clutch could also be causing issues. Any factory-trained technician will be able to inspect the noise and let you know the issue.

While air conditioning is definitely a luxury, we have come to expect it to work whenever we need it. In your vehicle, it can be the difference between a pleasant summer ride and a sweltering experience. Factory-trained technicians like our team at Sherman’s Auto Repair can help keep your system in good shape, so you’re never left out in the Georgia heat!

Written by Sherman's Auto Repair