Components of a Transmission

Demystifying Your Car’s Automatic Transmission

What components is a transmission made of?

Chances are, if you’re the average car owner, you know what your car can do for you. You can drive your car to the store, or even to another state. Many of us like to keep our cars clean inside and out. You probably know the make, model, and year of your car, and you probably even know whether it has an automatic or a manual transmission. But do you know what the components of a transmission are?

Knowing about your car’s transmission isn’t just a cool party trick. The more you know, the more power you have. Suppose you know what to look out for. In that case, you’ll be able to more easily identify any problems with your transmission before they become an even bigger deal. So, let’s describe the parts of your automatic transmission.

First, let’s talk about the valve body. This is a component of your car’s transmission that controls the flow of transmission fluid through opening and closing as needed. This fluid is necessary for your transmission to properly function. Most modern transmissions have a computer inside to control the valve body, ensuring that everything goes smoothly.

Your automatic transmission has a torque converter to bring power from your car’s engine into the transmission system. This is different from the clutch you would find in a manual transmission. Your transmission’s torque converter also prevents your car from stalling after your engine has been idling. As you can probably tell, the torque converter is an essential part of your car’s transmission, so if you notice any issues with your torque converter, such as shuddering and slipping gears, you should definitely bring your car into a shop.

Last but not least, let’s talk about the planetary gear set. No, you can’t drive your car into space, but this piece of the transmission is named such because it moves in a way that mimics the orbit of planets around the sun. Within the planetary gear set are both a sun gear and a planet gear, which move around into different positions when you change speeds. This piece is the reason why you don’t have to shift gears when your car has an automatic transmission. It does the shifting for you!

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Written by Sherman's Auto Repair