Components of a Transmission

Demystifying Your Car’s Automatic Transmission What components is a transmission made of? Chances are, if you’re the average car owner, you know what your car can do for you. You can drive your car to the store, or even to another state. Many of us like to keep our cars clean inside and out. You […]

Brake Repair Essentials for Safety and Performance

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late, Keep Up With Your Brake Repair! In most cases, your brakes will let you know as soon as something starts going wrong. Braking is such an essential function to running your vehicle that any problems will become evident very quickly. At Sherman’s Auto in Tucker, Georgia, our technicians like […]

Get Summer Ready with Car A/C Repair

Don’t get roasted this summer, take care of your vehicle’s A/C! Air conditioning is a year-round concern, but most vehicle owners are more aware of their A/C in the summer. This is because your A/C has the dual function of cooling you and your passengers and helping your engine stay cool. In the summer, this […]